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Diving Center in Amorgos, Cyclades

We Shall Sea

Diving Center in Amorgos, Cyclades

The aim is, to create a new meeting point, of a community working together, in understanding, preserving and investigating the ocean life.

It’s a try out, but…such is life.

We shall sea Scuba Diving

Nikolas Evgenikos

True Story

I came to Amorgos for the first time in the 80’s.
Back then the trip to the island was an adventure.
Amorgos was an island of the “barren line”.
Undesired people, opposing the system, were sent to serve on those “barren” islands.
There was a boat once a week or even ten days and it would take something like two days to reach the island.
The other option was to catch a fishermen boat. That would  take at least a week.

There were no ports, the way they are now, and disembarking was done with small wooden boats, since big boats couldn’t dock.
I was a pharmacy student back then and being a romantic I joined the fishermen. We made our way down south, hunting sword fish (plenty at that time).

Listening to Mahler, painting, writing poetry, trying to discover the meaning of life I set foot on the island on a cold windy morning after being at sea for more than a week.
It was an immediate strong bond.

Dolphins, turtles, rays, huge groupers and so many stories.
Earthquakes that caused villages collapse into the sea, pirates and their territories, the war, wrecks, beekeeper stories, fishermen stories, the olive trees and olive oil.
Hard work on this rocky windy dry land and no communication with the ‘outside world’.

I came because one of my beloved writers, Nikos Kazantzakis, wrote here a book I adored.
I understood why. I was alive inspired and in love.

I left Greece mid 80’s in search of adventure. Did all kind of things, four continents and 3 daughters.
Lumberjack, pilot, cook,  parashooter, art school , bartender, taxi driver in New York ,car transport , masonry, writer, standup comedy, father.. and ,and, and ..diving.
Never stopped, never really finished anything.
Had 2 kids and have been gone already for like 20 years when i decided to go “home”.
I drove by car from Belgium with my youngest daughter Sophia back, back to Greece.

When I saw the borders, the name “Hellas” , the smell in the air, the glitter of the sunbeams ,something broke, something for long closed, opened, felt unexpected tears running down my face. Nothing could stop me of going down my favorite “barren line” back to Amorgos.
As dive instructor with all the gear at the back of the car and my excellent buddy diver, daughter Sophia we took now what was to be a huge ferry and arrived in just eight hours.
At the modern port of Katapola.
I could not find my way, all was changed. There were roads and cars, lots of them, restaurants hotels and swimming pools.
First dive was “ Agia Anna “
Early morning. Looking at the sea all came back on it’s place.
Nothing had changed.
I realized that after all those years there was no home,  except than the one under the waves. It was timeless and silent. One blue, one home.

At that moment, I said to Sophia “I would love to do diving here, explore ,start a school.
She took a photo the photo that you see and said “Papa you should do that “
At that moment “We Shall Sea“was born.
There were no dive sites no support no boat no plan.
Just passion and water!
Next spring i was back as guest by ‘Camping Kastanis’ with my Volvo full of tanks, a compressor,  some complete dive sets and my dog, the Muf.
I was offered a tiny room for my equipment  and a spot to set a tent with a camping table and a few plastic chairs. No website, no flags, advertising folders, business cards, acquaintances, trailers, links, reception….just a tent with a view.
If I think back, i can laugh with my innocent naivety but feel as well the warmth of  the passionate determination that felt no fear or threat. Everything was poetic yet safe and…waterproof.
Since then we have done thousands of dives, discovered amazing spots and there is always a new discovery, fueling our passion and eagerness.
I dive all around the world but diving here is my fusion, The unexpected ..this little hidden dream of one day finding something amazing hidden in the depth.
There have already been very awarding dives, emotional and graceful moments.

Like I said, till now, there is nothing i have finished, nor i wish to.
Just as life is unfinished, i wish to remain unfinished but evolving and spinning for the rest of my time.

Nikolas Evgenikos


“WE SHALL SEA” is associated with the recognized federations S.S.I, N.D.L, I.A.N.T.D, C.M.A.S, F.F.E.S.S.M.


We issue our cards under the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC) standards and European Underwater Federations (E.U.F) standards.


WE SHALL SEA dive center dive team students and visiting divers are fully insured by D.A.N (divers alert network)


WE SHALL SEA equipment is being tested inspected and certified annually by an internationally authorized group – Bureau Veritas. Of course we check and maintain our equipment after every dive.

About Diving

But don’t forget…….that if you love the sea you must be ready to cry tears of salt

About Diving

When you enter the sea you enter…the ‘beginning of time. We are water; we come from water and in water we dissolve. Water has memories, those of it’s own as well as those of us. It is a silent, to our sense of hearing, world but loudly speaking his secrets…….

……To those who are open to ‘listen’.
In it’s depths history’s evidence in unrevealed, mysterious, complicated, hard to get puzzle pieces resembles to a museum a temple or… another planet
Awe and respect to amazing beauty . Arousing of the primordial fears of existence and a silence that speaks the forgotten language of the ‘prime of time’ are waiting on every dive

Dive center insurance

”WE SHALL SEA” dive center dive team students and visiting divers are fully insured By D.A.N (divers alert network)

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We Shall Sea dive team will help you choose the right equipment (right size thickness of suit volume of mask correct weights…) Equipment that comes in contact with your skin is being disinfected daily. When we go for a dive we always have spare total dive systems. The air you breathe is clean and dry and our compressors are tested and new. You get a detailed briefing about everything you will use and we provide you a wrist dive computer if you don’t have your own.

We Shall Sea strongly believes that S.C.U.BA diving is based on equipment and that proper equipment will give you confidence and comfort. Confidence and comfort in combination with a correct briefing are the ingredients for a relaxed fun dive.


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