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Depth 45m. Current minimum.
Taking macro shot of moving starfishes tentacles. Out of the sudden gets dark.
Huge school of amberjacks surounds me and starts spinning.
Faster and faster closer and closer.
Number of the group far over hundred Size 0.80/1.00m
Turbulence created resembles strong current.
I let go spinning together hardly able to see through the dence wheel of fish.
Eye contact and energy flow are a fact . They are moving me in a way that i do not understand.
It is very clear it is not a coincidence.
What they do is not random but i do not understand it.

Increasing deco.time forces me sadly to break through.
Not so easy. They follow in great speed and keep on circling around.
I will never forget.
My respect for marine life reaches today a new level.

i am very thankful for this encounter.