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Start to dive: 4 goals to achieve







Follow online training  (after affiliation with “We Shall Sea “ you can do it even  at home) . Get theory lessons and equipment demonstration ,  receive detailed dive briefing  and  dive under the guidance of our certified “We Shall Sea” dive  team. You are fully insured at all times and  diving with modern and tested equipment. Check our packages.


Start to dive : Amorgos

We have four different dive sites to get you baptized , depending ,on the weather conditions , time you want to spend on transport

( between 10 to 45 min ), air temperature and personal style of diver  (liking remote  dive sites or sites close to an organized beach resort)

Type of dive: entry to the water from the shore.

Depth: one dive site that can be compared to  a swimming pool  with gravel seabed  ,a minimum  visibility of 25 m and a maximum depth of 6 m. One dive site with two levels one on 5m  going smooth to the second level of18m. After that you get a drop off to 70 m. Ideal to complete your first level 18 m.

Sea bed: gravel and thick sand fields

Timetable: usual schedule includes two dives : a morning dive , briefing round 9h and an afternoon dive ,briefing  round 13 h   Night dives occur  just before the sunset and are  usually accompanied by a drink or BBQ depending on the size  and of the group

Water temperature: from 16°C in April till 26 -28°C between June and end September  October  dropping to 25°C

Dive time : usually new divers dive time is between 20 to 40 min depending on their breathing comfort  and air consumption  WE don’t put time limitations “ We Shall Sea” team will give you all the time you can use

First aid and response : We have on the site Oxygen 100 a medical box cell phone emergency numbers and an evacuation plan for every site  We have a divers flag  whistles , surface markers and all the necessary signaling lights for our night dives. Dives are conducted by  dive leaders  who will   give you a detailed briefing on the spot.