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The four parameters, are still there to be enriched and new dives are there to fill up empty pages in your Log book

Here “We Shall Sea” offers you a unique opportunity. You can witness a new discovery since mostly we are diving on virgin location.

Dive briefing


Schedule : Usual schedule includes two dives : a morning dive, briefing round 9h and an afternoon dive, briefing  round 13 h. Night dives occur  just before the sunset and are  usually accompanied by a drink or BBQ, depending on the size of the group  Extra dives , on different hours can  be arranged.

Entry : From the shore or from a boat (places on the boat are limited so it’s better you book on advance).

Visibility : It is the island of the film  “Le Grand Bleu” and  through a unique blue, you can see the sun flickering even from sixty meters or the moon on a night dive.

Dive time : We are diving with 10 L , 12L ,15L on  225 bar  or 10L on 310bar. We also use stage cylinders for decompression  7L or 10 L on 200bar  EANx from 32 up to 70. We try to do dives of 50 to 60 min. For deep dives we use stage cylinders for decompression.

Maximum Depth : The island can offer untouchable depths  On recreational diving we go up to 60 meters, with all the necessary back up,  correct dive briefing and “on land support “.

As IANTD,  we organize deeper technical dives. Just 50m offshore  you can easily get depths  up to 150m and then there are drop offs to 700m.

Exploration : Since scuba is released only recently in Greece, you have pretty good chances to be the first one to set  his eyes upon relics of the past from the second world war, Byzantium,  Greek and Roman period.

Not always but often, you see octopus, cuttlefish,  big seashells,  sea turtles, barracuda, groupers ,amberjacks, clown fish, pipe fish  and of course sea stars, sea- urchins,  mullets ,tongs  and nudibranches.

First aid and response : We have ‘on the site’, Oxygen 100, a medical box, cell phone, emergency numbers and an evacuation plan for every site.

We have, a divers flag, whistles, surface markers and all the necessary signaling lights for our night dives.

Dives are conducted by a dive leader, who will give you a detailed briefing  on the spot .