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hildren may dive with S.C.U.B.A (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus )

Scuba diving is an awesome sport. You’ll feel like an astronaut floating weightlessly in space. In fact, NASA astronauts train for space shuttle missions in a huge water tank, and scuba divers are there to help them.

Scuba divers are explorers, archaeologists, treasure hunters and scientists. They discover amazing things every day, because the oceans, rivers and lakes of the world are the last frontiers left on the planet.

Scuba divers also dive for fun and adventure. You can see sharks, dolphins, seals, and thousands of types of fish. You can dive in kelp, on coral reefs, in lakes, anywhere that looks interesting and makes you wonder: “What’s down there?”

8 – 12 years old?

If scuba diving sounds like something you’d like to try, check  our offers Ages from 8 to 12. While at the age of 10 years you can enroll a junior scuba diving class already and become a certified diver.

Learning will take place in the safety of a confined water environment. You get to use real diving equipment, learn all about diving, the underwater world, play games underwater, and lots of other fun stuff!

As a Scuba Diver you will accomplish things that will amaze your parents – and yourself

Once you become a certified Junior Open Water Diver you can dive almost anywhere! Just remember you will be required to dive with a certified parent, guardian or active Dive Professional.

Certified Scuba Divers are entitled to go diving under the direct supervision of a Dive Leader up to a maximum depth of 40 feet/12 meters

“We shall sea “ feels that children are the future rangers  protectors and lovers of the oceans  We will do our best not to teach them to dive but to make divers out of them

We recommend the “” IScuba Rangers “ training course from SSI (Scuba Schools  International)

Minimum age: 8 years old